MineMaster 1.14

MineMaster is a freeware clone of MS Minesweeper
with some nice extra features.

Big playground, where size is limited only by your desktop size. 

Skins are supported, both for cells of the gamefield and for the font of timer
and counter digits.

Walls can be placed randomly on the playground,  They never contain a mine and
can not be opened by clicking.  Walls that surround the playfield can optionally
be displayed.  Both surrounding and internal walls can be opened as an option
to make the game easier.  Adding internal walls without opening them will
however make the game more difficult as the information on adjacent bombs is
hidden for those cells.

Shields assure that bomb explotions are never harmful!  When the player opens
a cell that contains a bomb he will only loose a shield.  So if you make a
silly mistake you can still continue the game even though you won't be braking
any records.  When the player is out of shields he can not continue play and
the game is lost.  A new game will therefore always start with at least one
shield.  The player can also choose any fixed number of shields or select them
as a percentage of bombs on the gamefield. 

Changes in the last version:
Changes in next version:

The next version will include features to save and load games.
As this is very useful for large games I have decided to include this
although it might open up possibilities for cheating.  Measures will
be taken to make cheating non-trivial although still possible, indeed.

Screenshot 2

Ancient Remake   


If you want to support MineMaster then creating and submitting
a new skin would be appreciated (my graphical skills are limited  : ) .

Comments, suggestions and skin submissions are welcome to:
(you have to retype this email as copying will include scramble characters)

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Awarded a 5 F rating (out of 5) by Freewarenetz

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Last modified 08/10/2004